On your first visit to our chiropractic office in Avon, you will be welcomed as a member of our family, and Tammy our lead Chiropractic Assistant will greet you with a warm smile. You will then be asked to present your Intake Forms which will help us gain some information about your health history, your lifestyle, and any conditions you may be suffering from. Dr. Mike will then speak with you and ask you some specific questions to determine how chiropractic care can benefit you and your family.


Click here to download and fill out our New Patient Intake form.



After your consultation you will go through a complete chiropractic examination. We will begin by testing your nervous system utilizing Thermography and your muscular tone utilizing Surface Electromyography.  Dr. Mike will then check you for subluxation, flexibility, range of motion and posture with a thorough palpatory Chiropractic exam. These procedures will allow us to obtain valuable information regarding the health of your spine and nervous system, so that we may gain a better understanding of how chiropractic can help you. If necessary, Dr Mike may refer you to a local radiologist for X-rays or for additional testing procedures.


Report of Findings

The report of findings is usually done on the second visit to the office after all of your information and exam findings have been evaluated by the doctor. At this time you will sit down with Dr. Mike and discuss your findings and how chiropractic care may help. He will answer any questions or concerns you may have about your health status, your condition, your care plan, and your health goals. 


Chiropractic Care

Most chiropractic patients begin to see results from the very first adjustment. By utilizing specific scientific chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Mike can realign your spine gently and safely. This will restore proper function to your nervous system, allowing it to heal your body. Chiropractic adjustments are an incredibly powerful way to regain and maintain optimal health. It is the safest form of healthcare in the world, gentle enough for babies (they love it), yet able to restore function and movement for the elite athlete / weekend warrior. Koster Family Chiropractic participates in many insurance programs. We also accept auto accident liens and workers compensation cases. To find out if your insurance covers chiropractic care, you can call our office directly or have us call you by filling out our contact form. Everyone is welcome to come in or schedule a consultation with the doctor with no obligation to start care and at no cost. For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can always be arranged.

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